Monday, June 30, 2008

Why Do...

Why do:

...3-prong electrical outlets look like block heads who are appalled, or scared, or dead? And why do we have to stick prongs in their face? Is there a group out there, like PETA, who looks out for the electrical outlets? What about PETO? Who's on board?

...People misspell/misuse words on commercials? I can understand we are not all perfect and not all English majors or grammar freaks, but if you are spending big money and hiring people to help, shouldn't there be a standard of excellence we are upholding? For example, I saw that commercial the other day where a girl walks by and the guy uses his camera phone to zoom in to see her and the girl across from him texts him and says, "...YOUR a pig!" For all you grammar wizards out there, this should actually be "...YOU'RE a pig!" Grant it, we are in a texting and IM world, but like I said, where's the standard in the professional world?

...TV stations put full episodes online for people to watch? Don't they know that this is the very reason people get addicted to shows? Ok, so this one is actually awesome. Sonia and I have been watching Lost and are addicted. They have seasons 1, 2, and 3 online and since we missed all of that, we are starting from the beginning. If you can spare a couple weeks of your life, catch up on this show or any other online show and you won't regret it.

...good deals have to come with a catch? The new iPhone is coming out in 12 days. You may or may not have heard that the cost of the phone has been cut in half and is supposed to be twice as fast on the internet (if your area has the 3G network). Awesome, right? Wrong. They are increasing the cost of the REQUIRED data package by $10, which means an extra $120/year. So, in all actuality, you will be paying MORE than the people who bought the original iPhone for high cost. I guess with newer things, you have to expect more money, but why tease and manipulate the common folk by saying it's half the price and twice as fast? It's probably twice as slow... And yes, I'll probably still get one, damn it...

...quality cars break down and crappy cars continue to last and get crappier? Sonia's car is a Buick and seemingly in pretty good condition. Mine is a Geo and looks like it's going to rust into nothingness. Her car continues to have costly and annoying problems, while mine keeps running and rusting. I really don't think it's because it's a Geo. It is kind of ironic, though.

The End.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Walking Wisely in a Fool's World

"so watch your step. Use your head. Make the most of every chance you get. These are desperate times! Don't live carelessly, unthinkingly. Make sure you understand what the Master wants." ~ Eph. 5:15-17 (The Message)

"Walking wisely in a fool's world" was the theme of the week of camp that I was just at last week. A good friend of mine and I went to a Christian camp in western Illinois to lead worship for a 5th and 6th grade week. All I can say about that week was that it was AWESOME! There were some downsides (like the fact that my lovely wife was not able to go and I had to suffer without her and tornadoes were a probable threat some nights and seemed scarier after the tragedy at the boyscout camp in Iowa), but for the most part it was good. We learned a lot about walking wisely in a fool's world -- making wise decisions, choosing good friends, etc.

Now some would say that me and Chip (my friend who played drums with me that week) were fools for spending a week with 5th and 6th graders; teaching them about Jesus, worshiping together, and investing in their lives. Some would say it is foolish to follow a God that we cannot see and who seems non-existent when disaster strikes. However, this week only affirmed more that we were indeed making a difference in a fool's world. While there were times during the week where I could not take much more insanity, it was one of the wisest choices Chip and I could make. We were able to learn a lot and hopefully teach these kids a lot just by our example and being there to serve them. I had a blast working alongside my good friend Keith Ehresman and learning from him as well.

And so, live for Christ and walk as if every day was your last. Choose wisely as many will call you foolish and worse names. The reward for the persecuted and those who choose Jesus daily will be more than worth the verbal (and sometimes physical) punishment we receive here. Our God is a God of love. Walk wisely brothers and sisters as we strive toward the same purpose and aspirations...

Finally, here's some funny quotes from kids and such during the week. Classic stuff.

- "What size shoe do you wear? I wear about a 36." ~ Kyle (a 6th grader with normal feet)
- "Did you guys see the comet? It was heading for Japan. I'm glad it's heading for Japan." ~ Kyle
- *A girl pokes me in the stomach* "That's not fat, those are ABS!" ~ a 5th grade girl
- "You guys are the best band EVER! You're even better than Green Day!" ~ Ryan
- "Chip has to chug this mustard and...why don't you chug the ketchup, Aaron?" ~ Keith (after Chip got a package and had to do something funny to get it)
- "Belly flop! Belly flop! Belly flop!" (followed by a belly flop from me and Chip) ~ evil chant