Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nickelback Sucks

Someone showed me this awhile back and I thought it was great! Here you go folks...proof that Nickelback can't write songs and when they do, they just repeat the same stuff! Sorry to all you Nickelback fans out there, but they have no reason to be as big as they are and call themselves "quality" musicians. The same goes for people who lip sing and try to brush it off. How does Ashley Simpson still have a fanbase? People really make me wonder sometimes. This is probably the most bitter post you will see from me. So here's the link:

It works really good if you can pan between your left and right speakers. By the way, just to bring it home more...Casting Crowns does this too. It's time to quit when all your music starts sounding the same. That's life. Can you dig it?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Here's My Card

Everyone else is doing it, so I figured, why not? What do you think (first one is the front, second one is the back)? It really is a cool way to let people know about you without putting titles or whatever on there. It's more of a persona card than a business card. I think it will be cool to pass this out to people.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Revival Town

I have been serving at Community Christian Church for a little over two years now and it has been a blast! I have lots of good and...not so good memories. This weekend was one of those great memories that I will never forget. Every month, our church picks one weekend to deem "Baptism Weekend." Basically, instead of offering an "altar call" every service and dunkin' them there, they have a once-a-month weekend set aside to focus on baptisms. This is really cool because usually multiple people are getting baptized in a single weekend. This weekend at church was a baptism weekend and it was awesome. I mean, every baptism weekend is awesome, but this one was especially awesome.

Here's why: We had three people tonight at the service who planned on getting baptized. They did and it was cool. Then, the small groups director, Steve Kirby (playing the role of campus pastor for the night) got up and told anyone else that they could baptized on the spot that night. It was as close to altar call as you were going to hear, but it was cool and not forced. Tonight, one person decided after the service to get baptized. Then, my good friend Mike Onken, decided to get baptized in his clothes and all. He literally threw his wallet and cell phone aside and said, "Let's do it!" It was emotional, to say the least. Finally, another man decided to get baptized later on. So, not only were there three planned baptisms, but 3 other improv baptisms! That's 6 in one night! It was awesome to see, especially as Mike is a really good friend.

The last thing about this is that Community Christian Church, as a whole, has been trying to take the end of Acts 2:47 really seriously this year. Paul says, "And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved." As of the latest numbers, there have been over 200 baptisms already this year (churchwide), and over 200 days of the year. Literally, they are asking God to save 365+ people in one year! That's so cool! How many churches can ask for that and expect it? It really shows a lot about the type of church and leadership that this is. This weekend at Montgomery, we added 6 to the number that continues to grow. The Montgomery campus definitely did its part to help! Way to go! There are two more services tomorrow and I wouldn't be surprised if we see some more lives changed. It is so exciting to do ministry at a church that is continually moving forward with God!

Friday, November 9, 2007

The Dominator: Coca Cola

Today, I was eating my lunch in the teacher lounge while subbing. My wonderful wife made the brown-bag lunch for me and included baby carrots in there. I like baby carrots and it was a good thing they were in there as I was hungry and they are healthy too! I bought a Coke to drink. When I got to the carrots, I opened the bag and looked at my Coke, and said to myself, "This is a weird combination. This might taste really weird..." I mean, when you think about the two together, it sounds gross. It's like Carrot Coke. However, I ate some carrots and decided to give it a shot. I took a drink of the Coke and to my great surprise, I found that the Coke canceled out any taste of carrot in my mouth. And so, I found out that Coke is indeed THE Dominator when it comes to combinations of food and drink. It doesn't matter what you had before you take a drink, you will taste nothing but Coke when you are done taking a drink. I can't tell if that's really awesome or really scary...