Thursday, August 30, 2007


You know how after a couple of months, a couple of loads, a couple of foldings, you end up with a few extra socks that don't have a match? When I was in college, this happened about every load. No matter what I did, I would always end up with one extra sock. Have you ever been there? The funny thing is, we never want to just throw that sock away and give up hope. We put it aside in our regular sock drawer (so it doesn't feel left out), and we wait for the next load. Maybe then, another sock will come up missing and the two loners will end up matching each other. However, we all know that this rarely happens. So, you end up with more unmatched pairs of socks than you have matched pairs!

Today was one of those rare days in history when I was looking through my sock drawer for some socks and I found a match amongst the loners! I decided that I wanted to wear short ankle socks, so I found one of those loners in there. Lo and behold, I dug a little more and I found a matching ankle sock! I was so happy and I thought, "this doesn't happen very often." I could almost hear my wife cheering gleefully (she REALLY enjoys the simple things in life). But it made me think...

Isn't that how it is when God finds us again? I mean we're meant to be together. We're a perfect match. I'm an ankle sock, you're a knee-high soccer sock, she's a girlie toe-sock. But we all are meant to find our perfect match--God. And when in that one moment, when no one expects it, we finally do find that match, it is a joyous occasion. Are you a loner sock that hasn't found it's match yet (and I'm not talking about a girl/guy)? Are you hoping that someday someone will cheer when you find that matching sock? Well, I for one will be cheering loudly that day! The Bible says the angels will rejoice when the prodigal son returns home to God. I love to join in when that day comes!

There's just something special about a matching pair of socks...especially when you had given up hope for so long and were ready to throw the loner away. Keep looking loner socks...your match may be closer than you think. God bless.


You've all heard some variation of the cliche, "Slow down or life will pass you by." Maybe someone is telling you to read the road signs along the way. Maybe someone is telling you to hold the hand of your friend who is falling behind. Either way, we all have heard the clever illustrations and the cliche continues to be run into the ground...

However, I'm a big fan of redundant, yet IMPORTANT messages. I like messages that are important and repetitive. There are few things that excite me more than things we hear over and over again that seem to be really important. You get the point yet? I have been told too many times to not speed, yet I get a ticket again and again. I know I shouldn't eat that Twinkie because it is bad for my health, but I'll take two instead. We all have messages in life that are important and sometimes we choose to brush them off because we think they don't relate to us.

The speed of life is one of those things, I think. No one really thinks they are moving too fast. You know, more than 75% of drivers think they are better drivers than everyone else on the road. No one really thinks the cliches are directed toward THEM. Surely not. Well, guess what? This cliche, "Slow down or life will pass you by," is for YOU. Too many times we miss out on those important things that God wants us to really enjoy.

When was the last time you appreciated the slow drive through cornfield-filled Nebraska (if you haven't had the "joy" of this trip, I suggest you try it)? Have you ever really walked out the front door on the first day of spring and taken a deep breath to enjoy? Have you gone to a baseball game and gotten stuffed on $5 hotdogs just for fun lately? The list could go on.

My challenge for myself and maybe for you is to slow down. Walking is a lot easier and allows us to enjoy the view. So, before you jump in the car and go to work, take a walk in the brisk air of the summer morning, give your loved one a hug for no particular reason, watch a home video from your childhood.... And don't forget to...WALK...


So...this is what the blogging world is like.

Hello. My name is Aaron Arkkelin. I am young, foolish, and amazingly driven to serve God and do everything for His glory. But before you quit reading, let's talk.

I have a HUGE respect for the blogging world. It has been such a great way for thoughts and musings to reach so many people in ways that might not have been possible. I am blessed to have read some great blogs in the past.

I am just 22 years old. I know that makes me young and frankly, I'm tired of people telling me that. This blog is now going to be in place for you and for me. It is a journey and this is the beginning. I have thoughts along the way just as anyone else does. I want to share some with you...maybe you'll like them, maybe you won't.

Maybe you're tired of justifications. Me too. So, here's my first blog...take it or leave it; love it or hate it. God bless.