Monday, February 16, 2009

Those Controlling Rules

I've been thinking about this a lot the past few months. Rules are everywhere and no one is immune from them. Even the rule-breaking, rebellious, rough-around-the-edges people still have to follow some rules eventually. Now, sure we bend some of these rules. I can hear the captain from Pirates of the Caribbean saying, "they're more like guidelines..." I wonder why we all follow rules? Why do we listen to our parents when we're young? Why do we obey the police? Why do some of us submit to Christ? Other than the fear of belt whippings, being shot, and lightning bolts (joking), it's interesting to think about.

I was driving through a traffic light the other day and thought about how good it is to see the green light--to know that I have permission to go through. I also get really anxious at each light hoping I don't see the dreaded yellow and red. But why don't we just keep driving through? Why don't children, in a Hollywood-movie style, raise up against their parents and never take a command again seriously? Why don't we tell God that we're right and He's wrong and keep doing what we want? I think it's because God has more control of this world than we think. We talked about this a little bit in Bible college. There's this instinctual influence coming from somewhere that makes us all know the basic difference between right and wrong. Sure, our parents help fine tune that, but even those who didn't have parents or had really lenient parents know deep down what is right and wrong.

God is in control. He is the source of influence. He always is. We can take Him out of the schools, government, and even churches, but He'll still have control. Have you felt this? We can deny it, try to run from it, even downright hate it, but God is still in control. Are you submitting? We follow the rules because deep down we all have a love and desire for our Father in Heaven. He has invested in us from the beginning. I, for one, am completely glad. How about you?